Advanced Mig Welding Technology Offered By Ohio Laser

MIG means “metal inert gas.” The MIG welding process was initially developed throughout World War Two to improve the productivity of producing lines making weapons and equipment for that war effort.

Within the situation from the System10 MIG welding cell, an automatic robot welding arm moves a “gun” fixed on the contact tip into position to create welds. In the finish from the contact tip a good-steel wire is given via a lining.

Once the MIG welding cell is switched on, electricity charges the contact tip around the gun, touches the wire, creating a weld puddle. Inert gas concurrently flows from the tip from the gun, shielding the weld puddle from air within the atmosphere, enabling the weld to repair two metal pieces together.

Information mill using advanced welding cells created for high-speed, lengthy production runs of top quality welded parts. This contemporary mig welding technology offers numerous benefits of companies looking for affordable precision welding.

Mig welding cells like the Lincoln subsequently Electric System10 at Ohio Laser feature:

Fanuc ARC Mate 100 iB/6s robot having a 37″ achieve to support precision welding in tight spaces

Dual fixed welding workplace with automatic interlocked access doorways permit synchronised part loading and unloading while welding

Complete metal surround expensive barrier and bi-fold doorways with interlocks

450 amplifier, 100% duty cycle STT welding technology energy supply

Lower splatter, distortion, and smoke in comparison with other systems

Specialized engineering, pedaling and programming abilities to allow economical welding

Automated arc welding is among many advanced industrial fabrication services provided by Ohio Laser. Ohio Laser is really a leading laser cutter of flat sheets, tubes and pipes, is proficient with PPAP Level I to Level IV, provides high precision bending, engineers parts using 2D, three dimensional CAD/CAM software, while offering welding processes GMAW, FCAW, and GTAW.

Additionally the organization does warmth dealing with and finishing, water jet cutting, sanding and grinding services, set up and packaging, and machining of numerous alloys.

Ohio Laser serves many manufacturing industries within the U . s . States and Canada including food equipment, reason for display, automobile, heavy industrial equipment, retail, and medical products.