Laser welding and its advantages

The applications of laser beams have risen quite a lot in recent times; medical science is also using laser beams in its various applications. Earlier what was restricted to only metallurgy has now been extended to a number of places. This extension implies that Laser Welding has some advantages and is forcing people to take it seriously for their work. Let us have an insight into what advantages it gives to its users that they are using it so often.

  •  The biggest pro of laser beams is that they are very precise. This prevents destruction of the other parts. In the other methods of welding, the application is never exact, thus metals become weak at other points.
  •  Whatever would be the geometry of the metal which needs to be joined, laser beam does it very efficiently. There is no necessity of joining or moving the beams in a straight line etc., you can join a distorted geometrical shape also very well with it.
  •  Laser welding technology does welding by using low heat. This is advantageous as welding does not affect the internal structure of the material. When a basic welding method is applied to join two pieces of metal it can weaken the internal strength of the metal. This is not done in laser beam method as here the heat applied is very low.
  •  By using lasersvetsning one can do welding up to a larger distance. Like applying heat application on a particular point can weld up to 500mm which is surely a great distance to be covered.

All these pros of laser beams face only one disadvantage and that is it is very expensive. If hybrid laser beams are used, then the cost increases as it requires molten material to join the metals.

Know the new application of welding

Another method of welding which is easier and has more advantages compared to those of laser welding, is the robotic welding. In this, an automatic robotic mechanism works that cuts down the time taken by person to do welding. This is an automated process of welding which is done with the help of machines. Machines used in this offer several advantages over manual labor. The process of robotsvetsare makes lesser mistakes than what is expected from welding done by manual labor. The work done by it is more precise and thus cuts down the cost of employing highly skillful labor. At times, the process is life threatening there might be several accidents also that might harm life of the workers. Mistakes made by person often leads to wastage of resources, which is not possible with this method. Thus, by implementing robotic and laser welding in an industry helps it to grow at a faster rate as far as the precision and quality of the end product is concerned.